15 shows to watch if you like Game of Thrones

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The Wire — HBO

What it is: The Wire is an affecting crime-drama about the drug trade in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s told from the point of view of both the law enforcement agents and the drug dealers. With so many stars, it’s hard to name them all, but the HBO powerhouse launched a lot of careers, including Dominic West, Michael J. West, Idris Elba and Wendall Pierce.

The show never preaches about its content, toggling between the story going on in the streets and in the police station. We learn just as much about the detectives as we do about the gangs running the drugs, and it often becomes hard to tell whose story it is, and who we’re supposed to root for. SPOILER: you love them all.

Why you’ll like it: As another HBO show, it mimics the plot and pacing of Game of Thrones in that there is a LOT going on. At any given time, and in any given episode, there are no less than 3 to 5 simultaneous plots, and you will absolutely forget names at some point.

It’s busy and frantic, and there is always something going on in the intricate web of storylines, but it’s clever enough that you still get to know the characters. Your favorite can reveal a lot about your personality, because this is a varied and diverse group of folks that offer a wide look at contemporary Baltimore.

How to find it: All five seasons are available on Amazon Prime or HBO Go.