Star Wars: Mark Hamill hints at his Episode IX appearance again


If a funny tweet is any indication, it looks like Mark Hamill will get a chance to portray Luke Skywalker again in Star Wars: Episode IX as a Force ghost.

Mark Hamill is still the man, and don’t you forget it. Like Carrie Fisher, he cares about his Star Wars character and understands that the fandom is a beast. Based on how encouraging and kind he is, it’s safe to imagine that his foremost desire is to create engaging content that will be uplifting to children and honor the legacy created more than 40 years ago.

His return to the franchise has been pretty weird, thanks to the first two sequel films. In The Force Awakens, he only cameos at the end. In The Last Jedi, we met a very different Luke Skywalker. But like it or not, it happened.

In 2019, Episode IX will bring him back. Well, most likely.

When he first confirmed his appearance in Episode IX, nobody understood what was about to happen in The Last Jedi. But since Force ghost happens to be our only option for another Luke Skywalker appearance, his more recent tweet gives us further proof that there’s hope ahead. He said “future,” implying that he’s not referring to what happened in The Last Jedi.

And by “hope ahead,” let’s assume that J.J. Abrams will make better use of Hamill’s time. Instead of making him milk things or shooting a scene where he mourns Han Solo and then cutting it out, Luke Skywalker will take his rightful place among the legends who came before him. As a Force ghost, he will be better suited to pass on the knowledge he’s learned. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, it will be easier for him to guide Rey through the Force.

Although, it’s certainly possible that Luke will do more than guide Rey. Without General Leia, there are plenty of people in the Resistance who could use a visit from the guy who ended the war the first time around. Then, there’s Kylo Ren, too. And other young Jedi who will feel a pull to the Force and be able to get in touch with whoever’s in there.

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It’s only fair that we see him again. After all, he originally wanted his farewell to be in Episode IX anyway.