Why Luna Lovegood sets the best example of them all!

Luna has a billboard that we all need to read and take notice of.

Being Luna must have been no easy picnic. She was certainly in a world of her own most days and everyone possibly wondered what went on in that head of hers. Believing in things that people considered unbelievable is a pretty big thing when those people, who believe it to be unbelievable, is a bunch of Witches and Wizards who every day, do something unbelievable.

And yet it never fazed Luna. She still believed what she believed. No matter how much sniggering and teasing Luna received she still believed. It also never affected how she treated others. Regardless of what someone might have done to her she never held it against them.

Luna Lovegood and her gigantic billboard

Luna is the poster child for being the “weird girl” at your school. J.K. Rowling herself described Luna as “slightly out-of-step” in many ways. But Luna is also the poster, actually the gigantic billboard, for being you.

A billboard that says; so what if someone thinks your odd for supporting the New England Patriots; so what if you like Justin Beiber; so what if you like to eat cucumber sandwiches with two-week-old cucumber. It doesn’t matter what they think or say. As long as you like it and it makes you happy then that’s all that matters. (You probably shouldn’t eat mouldy cucumber however, it might make you sick.)

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Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

We have heard this sort of thing before though. Be yourself; don’t let others get in your head, etc. Luna’s billboard goes further than that. Her billboard stretches and shows us her kindness to others, that even though everyone had teased her at one point or another, she was still kind.

And when others need her kindness the most, she knows exactly what to do. Dobby’s passing in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the perfect example of this;

‘Thank you so much, Dobby, for rescuing me from that cellar. It’s so unfair that you had to die, when you were so good and brave. I’ll always remember what you did for us. I hope you’re happy now.’

We can all do with being a bit like Luna, and in some ways, we are all a little bit like her. But, for some things in life, in a world where many of us probably listen too much to what people think of us and react to others based on how they behaved towards us, we defiantly could do with learning from Luna Lovegood’s example.

Luna showed us that there is nothing wrong with being yourself and in being yourself you are probably the happiest you will be. Something we could all do with living by.