Dash through the snow from a dog’s perspective in Google Dog View

Odate city in Japan just created a Dog View version of Google Street View, and it’s everything. If you look close, you may just catch a floofy Akita tail!

Get ready to lose an entire day of your life. Odate city in Japan and Google teamed up to create an incredible version of Google Street View called “Dog View,” and it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever see. Street View with dogs is so, so much better than Street View without dogs.

Have you ever thought, “I wonder what the world is like through a dog’s eyes”? Well, now you can find out. Two very good Akita doggos, Ako and Asuka, have become Odate’s newest tour guides. And they give excellent directions.

According to The Verge, Odate is part of the Akita prefecture and is the birthplace of Akita dogs. They even have an Akita dog museum, which is amazing. So it makes sense that Ako and Asuka would be our official tour guides of their city.

The two fluff balls walked around with cameras on their backs to show off some of their favorite spots, like the bronze statue of Hachiko (you can take a look on Google Maps here). According to The Verge story, the famous pup had a heartbreaking and incredible story of his own. Each day for nine years, he patiently waited at Shibuya station for his owner, who had passed away. There are statues of the loyal dog at both Shibuya station and Odate City’s station.

Just follow Ako and Asuka’s lead on Dog View and you can also see them bounding through a snowy mountain trail, the Akita Dog Museum and more. And if you look around on Dog View, you might even get a glimpse of a floofy head or tail. It’s too cute.

Clearly, dogs are the very best tour guides. And Dog View is just the right way to do things. Dogs have appeared on Street View before, but Odate’s making it an official thing. So hopefully other cities will follow in its pawsteps because now that we have Dog View in our lives, we never want to go back.

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