5 questions we’d love to have answered in Black Panther 2


The end of Black Panther left us with a lot of questions about what will happen in the next film. Will Wakanda and its vibranium be safe?

As great as it’d be to think that Black Panther wrapped up perfectly, and all loose ends were tied up, we know that’s certainly not true. This is a movie based off a comic book, so of course there’s always more stories to be told and questions to ask.

Knowing that there’s still so much to learn about T’Challa and what will happen to Wakanda now that he’s king, here are a few burning questions we’d like to have answered in the Black Panther sequel.

What does the Wakandan outreach look like?

King T’Challa has a doozy of a task on his hand. After making his announcement that Wakanda will open itself up to the rest of the world, we can only wonder what that will look like. Will they open their home up to diplomats, travelers or immigrants? Or will they only focus on outreach that helps communities in need — such as opening the science center in Oakland, California, (which is actually going to happen in real-life one, by the way) mentioned at the end of the movie? Whatever they plan to do, Shuri, Nakia, Okoye and the Queen Mother will surely have his back.

Will they share (all) the vibranium?

Vibranium is the heart and soul of Wakanda, so will the Wakandans share their most precious resource? If you remember, Klaue was selling vibranium and vibranium-weapons on the black market.  If Wakanda shares this precious resource with the world, will it be abused or cherished? We know that weapons have been a big deal since the inception of the MCU with Iron Man, and pretty much any MCU plotline is either about creating weapons, finding weapons, trying to control those weapons, or dealing with the ramification of weapons. Weapons, weapons, weapons! So could this be a major plotline for the next Black Panther movie? If so, it definitely means trouble.

Will there be betrayal?

Usually whenever there is change, somebody is going to go out of their way to get things back to to how they like it. Wakanda’s new foreign policy is likely to stir up some of its citizens, so we may see a villain who disagrees with King T’Challa’s royal decree? Recall that W’Kabi was quick to side with Killmonger when he outlined his vision for Wakanda. So could W’Kabi or someone else fall out Mordo-style? Having another fight for king would be a bit hackneyed at this point, so that’s not likely to happen. But it’s plausible that someone would downright disagree with the new policy and make things difficult for T’Challa’s new vision.

What will Wakandans do without the herb?

Thanks a lot, Erik Killmonger. The heart-shaped herb is gone and it’s all your fault. For generations, the herb has given warriors the “strength of the panther.” And after they were all burned, it seemed like the only herb left was saved by Naki — and then that was used up to bring T’Challa back to life. How will the other generations go on? In an interview with The Root, Angela Bassett claims Shuri will figure it out. And you know what? I believe in Angela Bassett, and I believe in Shuri. No need to worry here.

Is Killmonger really dead?

Okay, this might seem a bit silly to ask. Of course Killmonger died at the end, right? Well, let’s think about how the MCU likes to treat its “dead” characters (we’re looking at you, Agent Coulson, Loki and Nick Fury). Sometimes Marvel likes to not kill people. And think about all that Wakandan medical technology! It helped saved agent Everett Ross and Bucky Barnes! Although, in the previously mentioned Root interview, Angela Bassett made it seem pretty believable that Killmonger is dead. But we will just have to wait to find out for sure.

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Maybe some of these questions will be answered in Avengers: Infinity War, where Black Panther, M’Baku and Shuri are set to hit the big screens again this year on May 4.