Olympics 2018: A ranking of all of Johnny Weir’s looks, from worst to best

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14. The bright red blazer

Oh, no. Honestly, it’s probably for the best that we got this one out of the way early, since it’s one of the weaker looks he’s sported during these Winter Olympics. Not even the immaculate hair can save that blazer. Honestly, it rather reminds us of something that a terrible lounge singer might wear, and the contrasting black lapels really don’t help with that impression.

Those Louboutins, though … it’s hard to argue with the Louboutins. Unfortunately, one’s eyes just keep going right back up to the blazer. Props for going with a black bowtie, though. It keeps the focus (however much you might not want to look at it) on the jacket.

13. The possibly not appropriate for winter pants

The last time we checked, it was quite cold in Pyeongchang. Although Jennifer Lawrence recently reminded us that we can’t judge people for making fashion choices that result in them probably being cold while outside, we can certainly worry about those people still being warm, which is not exactly the same thing.

Honestly, the boots actually kind of match the shirt in terms of visual shaping. Take a closer look at the white of the boot, then gaze back up to the ruffles on the shirt. See what we mean? Admittedly, the pants work in this whole visual as well, but we just can’t get over how cold he probably was all day.