Harry Potter fans will find a new adventure in Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure

If you’re looking for ways to spend your time until the next Fantastic Beasts screenplay release, you’ll want to read this novel for Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans alike.

Who would have thought there could be anything to immerse yourself in after the Harry Potter franchise. One of the great things about the novel series is the depth of mythology and lore, without becoming overwhelming or getting boring. Very few authors do what J.K. Rowling can, until now. If you want to find a way to spend your time waiting for the next “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” screenplay release, you will want to get “Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure.”

The novel has been described as something both Harry Potter fans and Doctor Who fans will both love. While it’s a time travelling fantasy novel, many reviews point out the fact that there are intricate plot details and lore created that entertains and draws you in. Real history and fantasy elements blend with ease, creating an exciting page-turner.

Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure

The novel is about 17-year-old John, who has failed to keep himself out of prison. He’s on his last strike until prison and he and his mom are deep in debt to a local gang. With only the TV left to sell but it being the only thing that helps keep John’s mom from going insane, he decides to do the only thing he knows how: steal. This soon pulls him into a world of ancient artefacts, rooms set in different centuries and a world of vampires and supernatural beings.

During his journey through time, he learns more about the past. Meanwhile, he sees a future he never believed possible.

If you love British sci-fi and fantasy, this novel by Andrew Hastie is certainly going to be one for your bookshelf. One five-star reviewer even believes Rowling has some stiff competition for her genre.

Have you read “Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure” by Andrew Hastie? Is this something you will add to your reading list? What do you think of the book synopsis? Share in the comments below.