Finally, Dawn French Harry Potter socks!!!

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Check it out, Dawn French is on a pair of Harry Potter socks and she is more excited than anyone else about it!!!

You know you have reached a certain point within a fandom when you see yourself on the merchandise. Nowt that I have ever been there myself. I don’t do much TV work after all, but I imagine that when people are buying stuff with your face on it gives you a certain high.

That high probably doesn’t last very long, however, when it becomes almost commonplace. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are all probably so used to seeing people rocking stuff with their faces on it by now that they probably don’t realize it at first. All the excitement and fun of it has probably disappeared long ago.

Dawn French, however, is still in that excited stage, as in hilariously excited.

Dawn French Harry Potter socks

Now I don’t know how often she has appeared on Harry Potter merchandise, maybe this was the first time. I went and Googled it and she defiantly pops up as the Fat Lady on several Harry Potter items but she is certainly not the most common character to feature. And that’s a real shame because; a) she is a wonderful actress b) she is funny as hell and c) she played an awesome Fat Lady.

So to see her tweeting her reaction when she found herself on some Harry Potter Socks really made my day. It’s a reaction that I think everyone would have when they discovered themselves on a pair of socks. Happy, nerdy and a little bit childish.

It’s something which everyone in Harry Potter has probably had when they found themselves printed on something but it might be so routine know that it is no longer fun. Then again they could still be like Dawn French and going hilarious daft whenever they find themselves on a pair of socks.

What did you think about Dawn French’s reaction to finding herself on some Harry Potter socks? Did it bring a smile to your face? Would you wear them? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.