Incredibles 2 trailer: Being a parent is hard even for superheroes


You’ve met Mr. Incredible, now it’s time to meet Stay-at-Home Bob as our first Incredibles 2 trailer shows us how hard it is to be a super-parent.

As long as we’ve all been waiting for an Incredibles 2 to finally be announced, it stayed on the back burner for Disney/Pixar as they tried to figure out how to top an otherwise incredible first film. The original Incredibles film was packed with so much heart and fun, making a sequel would be no easy feat.

Just as the first film focused on a superhero forced into retirement, Incredibles 2 will see Bob Parr adapt to his new role as stay-at-home parent while his wife, Helen, dons the Elastigirl mantle once more to push superheroes back into the spotlight.

Check out the first Incredibles 2 trailer below:

Although the last time we saw the Parr family was in 2004, the spin-off Jack-Jack Attack! dove more into Jack-Jack’s powers. Trying to understand exactly what he does has been the center of many family debates in my household for the past 14 years, and it looks like Incredibles 2 will finally give us an answer.

At the very least, it looks like Bob will be the one putting up with his son’s unexpected tantrums and not poor Kari.

Meanwhile, Elastigirl gets the chance to hop a fancy new bike that looks like something out of Tron. Thanks to Pixar, we know the man she will be working with is Bob Odenkirk’s Winston Deavor, who aims to make superheroes popular again. Keep in mind that Incredibles 2 takes place right after the first film, so it’s not like nowadays where people are constantly inundated with superhero media.

In fact, the trailer begins with Elastigirl’s reminder that being a superhero is downright illegal, much to Dash’s dismay.

Ahead of the trailer release during the Winter Olympics, Disney/Pixar also released new posters for the film, which you can check out below:

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Hopefully, the Parr family learned that keeping secrets is bad and we’ll see them continue to be a unified front in the next film. Also, I hope Dash’s new look/voice doesn’t bother anyone too much.

Incredibles 2 hits theaters this summer on June 15.