15 unconventional TV couples that probably shouldn’t have worked

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Grace and Frankie season 4 production still. Photo: Melissa Moseley/Netflix

These unconventional couples make us think twice about what can (and should) look like. They’re weird together and we love them anyway.

Love is an ever changing phenomenon. You just can’t ever tell who your heart will latch itself onto, and then … boom … you’re helpless to this other person. If all goes well, this other person is a perfect match, and you guys will live happily ever after. If you’re anything like these 15 unconventional couples, you might have to continuously fight circumstance to make it work.

Some of the couples on the list overcame the irregularity of their relationships and went on to be happy and content. Other couples just couldn’t find a way around all the obstacles. They imploded based solely on their differences, and I can’t say I was too disappointed over some of these break ups.

Opposites often attract, and it can be a beautiful and magical thing. It can also turn out to be an implosion of immense proportions. To quote Joni Mitchell, one of love’s greatest advocates, “I’ve seen some hot hot blazes, come down to smoke and ash.”