Man Crush Monday: Scott Moir (and Tessa Virtue too) are the Olympians of our dreams


Man Crush Monday is a bit special today because it is about a figure skating duo. That’s right, we’re talking Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue.

Typically, Man Crush Monday is about a boy of our dreams and while that applies to this situation, we’re focusing more on the platonic relationship between Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue that has all of us obsessed. If you’re not watching the Olympics, you’re probably wondering who I’m talking about.

Well, the ice dancing team from Canada has everyone in love. The worst part? They aren’t together. Many are affectionately referring to them as “the sexy Canadians” and it is a pretty apt title. Mainly because that’s what they are.

They literally have a lift in their free skate routine that the Olympics deemed “too sexy” and they modified it. But guess what? It’s still pretty sexy, thanks to the positioning needed to accomplish the lift. Think Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes fighting in Captain America: Civil War. Pretty great, right?

It also doesn’t help that they’re skating to Moulin Rouge and just being generally beautiful. So obviously, the Internet is obsessed with them. And for good reason. They’ve been around quite sometime but most of us are just starting to get involved with them. Why?

Well, mainly because they are dominating the ice dancing competition but also because they’re two of the most beautiful human beings around. And have you seen Scott Moir’s jawline? You could cut the ice with it!

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I think our obsession maybe stems from the will they-won’t they of their relationship but also because Scott is pretty fun to look at. Who wouldn’t fall in love with him while dancing on ice? Especially if he’s going to dance to Ed Sheeran with me. At that point, I’m a goner.