5 more DC Comics characters we want to feature in Titans


With the Doom Patrol now appearing in DC’s new live-action Teen Titans series, is it too much to ask that these other five characters appear as well?

It’s clear that DC Comics’ live-action series Titans isn’t going to restrict itself to just members of the team. As Entertainment Weekly has reported, the Doom Patrol will also be appearing in the series.

That’s good. It’s not that the Titans themselves aren’t interesting or anything, but it means that more characters have a chance to make an appearance. We’ve kept it to Titan-adjacent characters in the following list.


Before you get up in arms and say that Dick Grayson is already confirmed to be in Titans, we note that he’ll be appearing as Robin first. And, in fact, Dick’s becoming Nightwing would acknowledge that he appeared first under that name in the Tales of the Teen Titans comic back in the ’80s. Hopefully, we can skip over that costume and go straight to the more modern iteration, though.


Since she’s made appearances as part of both the Titans and the Doom Patrol, Bumblebee serves as a natural fit for this series. She’d bring a tech-savvy skill and dynamic to the team, since Cyborg hasn’t been confirmed for the series yet (and might be unlikely because of his having a DC film universe version, though that hasn’t stopped the Flash from having two versions).

Wonder Girl

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is one of the best parts of the DC universe. Donna Troy … is mostly not Wonder Woman (it’s complicated, and she has had the title before), but she is Wonder Girl or Troia, depending on when you check in for the comics. The Titans could use a little Amazonian sensibility, and it’d be interesting to see the Raven/Starfire/Wonder Girl dynamic. If the show doesn’t want to deal with the Wonder Girl moniker, just give her a sweet black costume and introduce her as Troia ahead of time (although it would mean we don’t get to see that evolution and character development).

Alternatively, Cassandra Sandsmark could appear as her own version of Wonder Girl.

Tara Markov / Terra

The Judas Contract is an iconic Teen Titans storyline. It’s been done by both the ’00s cartoon and in a recent DC Animated film. But in a live-action show, there could be time to let it really unfold. If that’s too much for the first season, then have her appear in the finale of season 1 or even in a putative season 2. Admittedly, her powers of earth control could be hard on an effects budget that already needs to deal with Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Terra doesn’t do small or subtle, really.


Speaking of The Judas Contract, Jericho also appears in that storyline. Joseph Wilson has his own complicated relationship — he’s Deathstroke’s son, but happens to have some interesting powers that involve body hopping. He’s also turned to the dark side, though, meaning that he has some serious storyline potential for multiple seasons.

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Which DC Comics characters do you want in Titans?