Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Long live the queen


Well, that Game of Thrones season 8 theory didn’t last long, but it does make things still more interesting when it comes to a timeline for the season.

Warning: Game of Thrones season 8 filming photos and discussion thereof is below.

It’s usually not pleasant to be wrong, but when it comes to Game of Thrones season 8, there is a certain sense of delight in being wrong, because it means that there’s new information to disprove whatever theories are in vogue at the time. Take, for instance, this writer’s theory that perhaps Cersei’s death would precede Jon Snow and maybe Daenerys Targaryen arriving in King’s Landing, based on at least Kit Harington being caught in Dubrovnik while Lena Headey had not.

And then, this morning, r/freefolk found a new article from the Dubrovnik Times that not only shows Headey on set and in costume, but apparently sharing a scene with, you guessed it, Harington.

Check out one of the photos below:

Hey, sometimes the theories need reworking. This implies that, as has been suggested by our sister site Winter is Coming, whatever happens to Winterfell happens early in the season, pushing Jon (and presumably Daenerys) to King’s Landing quickly.

At the same time, however, it could also lead to a more interesting reunion: Jaime and Cersei. After all, he left King’s Landing at the end of season 7 — so there wouldn’t be a lot of time for absence to possibly make his sister’s heart grow fonder. (Honestly, it’s not clear if Cersei’s heart can grow fonder of anything, let alone Jaime after his rejection.)

Still, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would be our next guess for who may appear in Dubrovnik, although it’s possible that any scenes they share would be interior shots.

Regardless, other photos also seem to suggest that King’s Landing’s destruction is, as we also previously suggested, after these meetings. After all the Times has a photo of a Lannister flag looking quite pristine (if likely not the actual flag, since it looks screen-printed, too).

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