Why is there a Change.org petition for Marvel’s Inhumans?


Marvel’s Inhumans hasn’t been officially cancelled, but its lifespan is incredibly short. Despite how middling it was, some fans want to see it continue.

Can someone please tell me why there’s a Change.org petition for Marvel’s Inhumans?

No, this is not a rhetorical question. I seriously want to know why fans want to keep it around. I understand that there are fans of everything, even if the general population hated it.

But Inhumans … it wasn’t great. For some, it wasn’t as bad as critics claimed, but that didn’t say much. The quality never arrived, especially for something premiering in IMAX.

I mean, what do you expect from the same showrunner that did Iron Fist?

The show had no likeable characters and killed off (and then brought back) the best one it had (and bringing him back with madness, too). Maximus as a foil did nothing but whine and bluster. The best character was Lockjaw, but even he really didn’t do much. Or interact with anyone.

Honestly, Inhumans fell along the same line of quality as Once Upon A Time. But at least Once has the fanfic feel to it and its own silliness going for it so you know what to expect.

Fans of Inhumans, I know you think a second season would improve and show the true potential of this show. But please … please just let it go quietly. Don’t make me have to go through another season.

If anything — if fans want to continue to see these characters — why not integrate them into Agents of SHIELD? Honestly, that might be the best course of action.

Think about it. SHIELD is currently 80 years in the future with the world destroyed presumably by Daisy. What if what destroyed the world was actually Black Bolt?

Or, eighty years in the future, Attilan is rebuilt on the moon and the survivors of the Lighthouse can seek shelter there?

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Please. Make one of those ideas rather than a second season of Inhumans. Anything but that. We want these storied characters, but not in that form. Give them something better, something they deserve.