Star Trek: Discovery season 1 episode 11 review: The Wolf Inside


This week on Star Trek: Discovery, no one was safe. Or more importantly, people died, and it was honestly confusing.

Look, week after week we talk about how Stark Trek: Discovery is trying to find its own voice. And it is, to a degree. That voice is decidedly not Trek-like, but the production is working towards figuring out exactly what it wants this show to be.

The problem? It’s taking away a lot of core values from the original series and just making a dramatic show that isn’t exactly the Star Trek we know and love. This week, Discovery was filled to the brim with twists and turns as Michael Burnham is still trying to keep up her act.

But what was the most upsetting? The fact that (seemingly) Paul and Culber are both dead. Or at least that is the current reality. It is Star Trek though, so the idea that anyone is really dead is always up in the air. (Remember when they straight up created a whole new planet and brought Spock back to life?)

Still, the upset and anger over their “deaths” makes sense. They’re an openly gay couple (a first for the series with the exception of Sulu and his husband in Star Trek: Beyond). So to praise yourself for that, only to “kill” them half way through the first season is a little tasteless. Again, it is Star Trek. So the idea that they’re really dead is far off. But still, it’d be nice if that just didn’t happen.

Another part of the problem with this show is that it is so convoluted that sometimes, you miss half the plot points. That’s what is great about the other variations of Trek.

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Yes, they are space exploration shows, so there is a science side to it. However, the other shows recognize the level of expertise of their audience and play to that. Discovery? Not so much.