Sorry, Star Trek: Discovery still has a long way to go, and so do we


The latest Star Trek: Discovery showed us that we are still a ways away from the world Gene Roddenberry envisioned, both in the series and in real life.

Can you think of anything more Star Trek than a mirror universe that shows us what our reality is versus what our dream world would be? No? Good, then you would enjoy the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Despite Yourself.”

Back after a winter break that didn’t last too long, it seemed as if the world that Discovery created for us in this last episode was very much what we see on a regular basis. Here’s the thing about Star Trek: It is a world we want to live in. That’s why the show was created and that’s why we continue to love this series.

After all, the idea is that it shows a society where everyone accepts one another and we explore space in peace/ What’s not to love? But when we have episodes like this last one, it shows us that we’re very far from that dream reality that Gene Roddenberry created for us.

Star Trek: Discovery isn’t trying to be something it’s not, and that’s great. Yes, it is a Trek show but still, Discovery sticks to its guns and makes us realize that we have to change our way of thinking.

Star Trek shouldn’t just be the hope for a better future but rather a goal we set for ourselves. From the beginning, we’ve loved this series because the characters just wanted peace and to explore worlds that no man had explored before.

Obviously now, it’s worlds that “no one” had discovered before, but that’s about our only step towards creating that peaceful (or at least somewhat at peace) society that Roddenberry envisioned. I love episodes like this last one because it puts into perspective just how much we still have to grow.

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We’re on our way to living in that Star Trek dream world, but we have a long way to go yet.