New Cirque du Soleil show to focus on Disney traditions


As La Nouba loses at Disney Springs, Cirque du Soleil and Disney release a few details on the new Cirque du Soleil show focusing on Disney traditions.

As 2018 begins, La Nouba will not be perform at Disney Springs. The popular show closes on New Year’s Eve. But, the Disney Springs’ theater will not sit empty. Disney and Cirque du Soleil released sparse details on the new Cirque du Soleil show.

According to sources, the new show draws “inspiration from Disney’s heritage of animation.” This very vague statement could mean almost anything. The slight clarification states that the show will “celebrate Disney’s legacy of storytelling.” Still, that additional fact doesn’t really tell fans anything.

Over the years, Cirque du Soleil has done a fantastic job of translating musical icons into visually stunning theater pieces. The Michael Jackson and The Beatles inspired shows have been met with much praise and fanfare. The new Disney inspired piece should be equally as stunning.

Still, people can speculate on the Disney animation themes of this new show. The most likely show that easily translates into a Cirque du Soleil performance would be Fantasia. Mickey’s magical world would provide Cirque du Soleil with much inspiration. From magical broomsticks to dancing mushrooms, the visuals could be quite breathtaking.

Also, the Fantasia score contains so many memorable songs. The classic compositions can translate into various dance styles. From classic ballet to modern jazz, the music can guide a variety of performance styles.

Based on the statement regarding Disney heritage, it seems unlikely that modern Disney movies will feature predominantly. The other Disney theme parks, parades and shows feature popular, recent movies. Magic Kingdom features Frozen and the Disney princesses in its shows. Even Epcot has embraced the recently released Coco, with Mexico’s mariachi band playing songs from the movie. It would seem redundant to have another production featuring the more recent films.

Whatever the final Disney/Cirque du Soleil piece eventually becomes, it will certainly be family friendly. The collaboration between the two entertainment giants will be a successful venture. The permanent theater in Disney Springs brings in a large audience. Both Orlando locals and Disney World visitors have made La Nouba a popular ticket since its 1998 debut.

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The opening date of the new Cirque du Soleil show has not been announced. It seems doubtful that the theater will sit empty for too long. Tickets for the remaining performances of La Nouba are still available.