Should Castle fans try and embrace the creators’ new series, Take Two?


Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller are giving the Castle idea another try with Take Two, but what should Castle fans make of it?

Castle creators Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller are taking on a new funny cop drama series at ABC that will be familiar to their fans. That series’ name? Take Two.

Former Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson will play Take Two‘s Ella, a high-spirited actor desperate to restart her career by shadowing a private detective after rehab.

Los Angeles loner private detective Eddie, played by Rosewood’s Eddie Cibrian, finds Ella to be a valuable asset to the company due to her 200 episode run as a detective and the press’s attention to her bringing his name to people in need of a private detective.

ABC has already ordered a full series of Take Two, though it was contingent on Bilson and Cibrian being locked in, according to Deadline. It will be co-produced by Tandem Productions and ABC Studios. Miller and Marlowe will be the executive producers, like they were for the first seven seasons of Castle.

Marlowe and Miller look excited about a series that Variety’s Joe Otterson called “essentially a gender-swapped version of Castle. 

What happened to Castle?

Marlowe and Miller had stepped fully away from Castle before its eighth season in 2015. Marlowe had stepped down from being a showrunner before its seventh season. He did this in order to work on a potential Castle spinoff that never came to fruition.

Castle’s eighth season was its last. ABC upset many viewers, myself included, after it announced that star Stana Katic and series regular Tamala Jones wouldn’t be returning for the ninth season.

Katic showed she had no hard feelings towards the creators when she tweeted her congratulations.

I was an avid Castle watcher from the beginning. I came for Nathan Fillion, and stayed for Katic and the supporting cast.

I’m not offended by the idea of a reboot in Take Two. I’m personally curious about how Bilson and Cibrian’s relationship compares to Fillion and Katic’s, as well as who else we’ll see as series regulars.

I’d love to see Jon Huertas or Seamus Dever appear, at least in an episode or two — or have a reference to Senator Kate Beckett.

Whether Take Two can truly compare to the original Castle in viewers’ hearts and minds, though, is a different story.

I think this show has potential to be a future favorite for me, since the Castle formula kept me watching to the (very personally bitter) end. Castle was at its best when Marlowe and Miller were both writing and producing, in my opinion.

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At the end of the day, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes! I hope that my fellow Castle fans will give it a chance, and see what happens.