The Lion King casting is out and can you really even have a hot take?


In casting news, the live-action Lion King released their cast list last night and spoiler alert, it’s perfect, even if we do have some minor issues.

Thought you were going to get a hot take about the casting for The Lion King? Well, think again, because it is perfect. With the exception of two parts (which I’ll discuss later), I think this is going to be the best live-action Disney remake yet! And that’s saying something because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie.

So first, the two I have a slight problem with. Not because they’re bad choices (they’re all incredible) but rather because I just am being nitpicky. First is James Earl Jones. I get it, he’s Mufasa and we love him for it. But I present this idea to you: Idris Elba. It’d be great, right?

Well, too bad. But still, James Earl Jones will be perfect because we know and love him as Mufasa, so no harm no foul. The next ‘issue’ I have is with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar. First, I love him to the heavens and back. He’s amazing, but do I see him as a villain ruthless enough to kill his own brother? Maybe not.

Look, I know I just said that Elba could be Mufasa, but also what if Idris Elba played Scar? Ejiofor is an amazing actor (his Oscar nomination proving so), but he’s never really played a villain. Even in Z for Zachariah where he (spoiler alert) murders Chris Pine, so he can sleep with Margot Robbie, he’s not particularly evil.

But if you give me rich-voiced Idris Elba to play Scar, it is perfect. He’s already been a villain (see Star Trek: Beyond and The Jungle Book) and it’d just be amazing. Honestly, why isn’t Idris Elba in this movie?

The most excited I’ve ever been though is for Donald Glover as Simba. Yes, Beyoncé is in it as Nala but that’s what we all wanted. He’s been up and coming for quite some time and I’m just proud that we now get to see him as a star, especially after Atlanta‘s success at the Emmys.

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Also though, Alfre Woodard is still in it so really, it’s just perfect all around. Are you excited about the casting for The Lion King? Sound off in the comments below!