Jordan Fisher teases new holiday music


T’is (almost) the season to be jolly, and now Jordan Fisher fans have an extra reason. The singer and actor hinted that new holiday music is on the way.

It’s All Hallows’ Eve…Eve, and right now the focus is on candy and costumes. But come Wednesday, the mood shifts. For some, Nov. 1 marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Yes, Thanksgiving comes first, but Christmas music returns in full force … especially for Jordan Fisher.

As the Dancing with the Stars crew was gearing up for their Halloween performances, Fisher took to Instagram Live to give fans a sneak peek at his look, and the process of creating it.

With startling green contacts in, and prosthetic ears being applied, he looked to be rocking a werewolf transformation for the DWTS episode. As the conversation went on though, Fisher admitted that while he loves Halloween, Christmas is his true jam.

“Once it turns 12:01 … I immediately start listening to Nat King Cole’s Christmas album,” Fisher said, laughing.

Then he gave fans an early Christmas gift: an unofficially official announcement of new music.

“I may or may not be dropping [a] new song soon,” Fisher revealed. To pile onto the excitement, he added that it “may or may not be a holiday song.”

It won’t be the singer’s first Christmas release, as last year he put out his cover of “The Christmas Song” (The choice now makes a lot of sense, given his professed love of Nat King Cole). He performed it as part of ABC’s Christmas special in Walt Disney World. To get in the spirit, relive the performance below:

Fisher is still reeling in the success of his most recent single “Mess.” The video for the song has snagged nearly 1.7 million viewers, drawing massive praise for its choreography – Fisher seemingly does an entire dance routine backwards.

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Fisher didn’t give an official release date, but hopefully Santa brings the song sooner than later.