Is Judy Greer going to join Jamie Lee Curtis in the Halloween reboot? Also, why?


Judy Greer, the comedian famous for her string of hilarious co-starring roles, is in talks to appear alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2018 Halloween reboot.

If Judy Greer comes across a little “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” it’s because that’s basically what her career looks like. She’s been in so much, but not usually as the lead. In fact, she wrote a collection of essays in 2014 about this exact thing. And despite how talented she is, she’s never exactly found the right vehicle for her stardom.

But who knows, maybe the horror genre is where she needs to be. (Disregard her role in Carrie, please. Thanks.)

According to new reports, Greer is in talks to join Jamie Lee Curtis in the 2018 Halloween reboot. While my immediate thought was “Really? Tom-Tom?”, I started to wonder what the existence of Karen Strode meant for the rest of the franchise. But Entertainment Weekly includes:

"The new film is said to pick up years after the events of the original 1978 film, as Laurie finds herself once again facing off against the murderous Michael Myers."

Though it’s unclear what EW defines as “years,” we saw Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode die in Halloween: Resurrection and since she’s coming back, this reboot is obviously going to erase that the canon. Which means, the John Tate we meet in Halloween: 20 Years Later appears to be irrelevant, too. confirms this when explaining John Carpenter and Curtis’ involvement. However, I actually really liked the Rob Zombie Halloween films, and wouldn’t have been too upset if Danny McBride and David Gordon Green tried something besides re-writing a sequel. Obviously, it’s late for that. But something about putting Judy Greer into this franchise seems off to me.

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I’m still going to go watch it, if only to pay homage to Michael Myers. But I’m a little wary of what’s coming together. I didn’t particularly enjoy Curtis’ role in Scream Queens either, so who knows.

The new Halloween hits theaters on Oct. 19, 2018, the same weekend as Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book and just two weeks after Sony’s Venom film with Tom Hardy. So make of that what you will.