Emmys 2017: Rachel Bloom is having the most relatable Emmy experience


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may not have received any Emmys nominations, but Rachel Bloom was still the most relatable star on the red carpet.

Now is not the time or the place to start a rant about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s lack of Emmy nominations. As much as we want to, we’d rather just take this time to appreciate everything that makes Rachel Bloom a gift to award shows — even when they don’t have the decency to nominate her work.

Specifically, a few stories came out during the red carpet hours of the night that made her just so very relatable — or, as relatable as someone who is still totally successful and attending the 69th Emmy Awards can be.

First, there was this delight of an Instagram.

Then, there was her red carpet interview in which she told Giuliana Rancic that she had to buy her Gucci dress because “it’s hard to get places to lend me dresses because I’m not a size 0.” Ever the one to add humor to the proceedings, she added, “but I can afford it so it’s okay.”

(Sidebar: She looked stunning in the dress in question, so hope she gets a chance to wear it again — to a wedding, or something.)

It should go without saying that we’re extremely here for some tasteful potty humor, as seen in Exhibit A. As for promoting diverse body types and speaking up about the reality of designer dress shopping:10/10 would support again.

She later clarified on Twitter that she and her team didn’t ask Gucci to dress her because they, generally, loan so few dresses. But still, “pickings are slim for non-sample size ladies”

At the end of the night, Bloom’s not bothered.

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For our part, we’d still like to see Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get some recognition. It’s truly one of the funniest shows on TV doing the most on a sneaky great network (shoutout CW, being sneaky great) and Bloom is the mastermind behind it. Come to think of it, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from the problem that irked us about Insecure and Girls.