Emmys 2017: Congratulations to Nicole Kidman on discovering TV


Big Little Lies won Outstanding Limited Series and during her second acceptance speech of the night, Nicole Kidman revealed that she only just discovered TV.

The 69th Emmy Awards was not a night of particularly memorable acceptance speeches. Some were vaguely political, some were heartfelt, lots of thank yous and mentions of family. But the internet will find its humor where it can — and make it if it can’t. As such, we all joined together in lovingly roasting Nicole Kidman for revealing that she, apparently, was only recently acquainted with the concept of TV.

Specifically, the part of Kidman’s acceptance speech she shared with Reese Witherspoon for Big Little Lies Outstanding Limited Series win that featured this banner line: “We entered into your living rooms and people talked about it.”

Yes, Nicole. That is very much what television is and has always been. We know there’s been quite a bit of chatter about movie stars making their way to small screen — welcome, we hope you’ll stay awhile — but wow who knew that movie stars were so unfamiliar with TV at all.

That said, if we had to guess movie stars who had probably never channel surfed or perused a TV guide, Nicole Kidman might be near the top of the list. She seems otherworldly in the best way, and TV is an extremely earthly thing.

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But now she’s discovered television and the exciting way in which you can watch entertainment at home and then discuss it — which, low-key, you can do with movies too, so, uh, how exactly does Kidman think any of this works? Hopefully, the result of this is not only more excellent TV series and a long and beautiful production partnership with Witherspoon, but also Kidman’s personal evolution into an avid live-tweeter and member of multiple fandoms and #hives.

We would welcome her warmly.