15 of Kelly Clarkson’s American Idol looks, ranked by ’00s-ness

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Since we’re moving backward with Kelly Clarkson’s top American Idol looks ranked by ’00s-ness, it only seems fair to start with one of her biggest hits. Kelly sang “Miss Independent” on the AI stage in 2003. While she had clearly changed up her style after winning season 1 of the singing competition, she still exudes early 2000s style with her new, winning look.

Kelly took the stage during the season 2 finale night to prove just how much success a singer can attain after winning on the show. She looked fabulous and proved to be a superstar with the strong performance.

Clarkson also proved to be right on time with her fashion choices. She completely transformed herself from a small-town Texas-born girl to a superstar singing sensation.

For the “Miss Independent” performance, Kelly Clarkson rocked a slim-fitting red leather jacket over a black shirt with bell-bottomed black trousers. She accessorized with a chunky, choker-style necklace that featured a large pendant.

Many fans easily noticed Kelly’s biggest change; her hair. Throughout season 1, Kelly kept her hair shoulder length. While she sometimes wore it up, Kelly seemed to like the popular messy french twist that so many ladies held in place with a claw hair clip.  After winning American Idol, Kelly lost the big chunky highlights and opted for a high ponytail with long bangs that were swept to the side.

While Kelly Clarkson’s many looks have been heavily influenced by trends of the time, there’s no question that her music is timeless.