Harry Potter and the very bad no so great existence

We love Harry Potter but let’s be honest, his life kind of sucks. And continues to even when he’s happy, in love and a father.

Harry Potter had a pretty rough life. Not just because his parents died but also because he had an evil Lord Voldemort constantly coming after him and he struggled throughout his entire childhood to defeat him.

On top of all that, the people who did come into his life who loved him like their son normally had bad things happen to them. Like the death of Sirius Black or the loss of George Weasley to Molly and Arthur.

So while all that leads to a really terrible childhood for Harry, you’d think his adulthood would be better, right? Especially since “all was well”? Well, not really. Because as we learned in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Harry’s life continued to be haunted by supporters of Voldemort.

His own son and him fight in one of the most dramatic Harry Potter moments. (Not like the series but the actual character.)  Basically, Harry saves the world and still can’t catch a break! He just wants to live a happy life with Ginny and his best friends Ron and Hermione.

Yet still, Harry has to deal with a Time Turner mishap and figure out his relationship with Albus. He can’t just be a happy dad, having his kids chill and respect his wishes. It’s a whole thing and our poor boy has to constantly try and fix it all. But he is Harry Potter after all.

Will our boy ever outlive his bad luck? Probably not. But with the way this series is going, this isn’t the end of what we’ll learn about Harry James Potter. Maybe he’ll finally get to relax when he’s 80.