Fantastic Beasts word games: dig through puzzles like a Niffler


Love Fantastic Beasts and want more? Well have we got the games for you! Now you can play word games based on the series!

Have fun with these word-find games based on Fantastic Beasts! Each game hides around a dozen words about each creature, taken from the larger pool of words in the game. So when you play again, you’ll have a few different words to find.  I’ll keep adding more words, beasts and more kinds of games as we get to know the Fantastic Beasts world!

Let’s start with three of the most memorable beasts: the Niffler, the Bowtruckle, and the Obscurus.

Niffler: born obsessed

Your one goal in life: find all the shiny things! Your pouch can hold an endless amount while still letting you squeeze through walls. Ministry of Magic classification XXX: competent wizard should cope, however we have definitely seen how hard it is for a competent wizard to cope with a Niffler on the loose. Dive into this pot of word gold. “Niffler don’t care!”

Fantastic Beasts Niffler » make word search

Bowtruckle: woe is the creature made of magical wood

A game for Pickett the Bowtruckle to play while he hides in Newt’s pocket. It’s ok, little guy. Stay in there for as long as you want. Newt won’t give you to any more Goblin mobsters.  Ministry of Magic classification XX: harmless and may be domesticated. Just remember to learn from Harry – they can bite if squeezed too hard.

Fantastic Beasts Bowtruckle » ProProfs word search puzzle

Obscurus: magic becomes poison

When playing the Obscurus word finder game, you get to feel all the pain and torment of an Obscurus, while still having the ability to put it aside and take a comforting sip of tea. Does a Patronus charm work on the Obscurus? The magical world is incredibly lacking in knowledge of how to live around an Obscurus. It doesn’t even have a Ministry of Magic classification. Is it a Beast, a Being, or a Spirit? I am giving it the classification of XXXXX: impossible to train or domesticate,  simply to keep people safe. Don’t go trying to heal the Obscurus with a hug! It is exactly what the Obscurus needs, but you may not stay alive long enough to hug it.  Stayed tuned for a further discussion on the nature of the misunderstood and tragic Obscurus.

Fantastic Beasts Obscurus » word search creator

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I hope you enjoyed these games!! I’ll share more Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter games soon, and will be making games from the complete list of beasts in Newt Scamander’s textbook masterpiece, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.