6 places Disney characters might live IRL


From castles to cottages to underwater kingdoms, Disney characters have some pretty sweet cribs. And with the long list of live action reboots coming, we can’t help but wonder: Where would our favorite characters live in real life?

It’s a shame MTV’s Cribs never did an episode on Disney characters’ epic homes. With so many royals and mythical creatures, the collection of real estate featured in Disney’s animated classics is enviable to say the least. But with so many live action reboots on the way in the coming years, it begs the question: Where would our favorites live in real life?

The folks over at vacation rental company Vacasa had been wondering the same thing and recently combed through their inventory of properties to match real life locations with beloved Disney residents. Their picks stretch from regal estates in California to a real-life Rapunzel’s tower in Italy to a tropical hideaway in Belize.

Will the live action Aladdin or Little Mermaid prove that they were on the right track? The live-action Beauty and the Beast did a pretty good job of bringing the animated castle of its source material to life, though the first sun-flooded shots of the Beast’s castle peeking out of the forest in the opening of the animated movie is hard to replicate. We’ll have to wait and see how the other reboots handle their settings in real life, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the places Vacasa’s team picked and our thoughts on each:

Fink Can Mutxo (Selva, Spain)


In Aladdin, Jasmine’s palace in Agrabah is a breathtaking sight. It has towering turets topped with the golden domes that  capture the shining, swirly aesthetic that’s woven throughout the movie. (The same turets that Jafar turns into missiles he shoots into unnamed wintry wastelands later in the story.) It’s certainly a place fit for a queen (or sultaness? Is that a thing?).

Of course if Jasmine and Aladdin wanted to get away from the bright lights of the city for a weekend, this breezy estate on the Spanish island of island of Mallorca would be a fitting destination. It’s got a private pool Rajah could lounge around and according to the listing, a “lush garden.” With room for up to six guests, I’m guessing Genie wouldn’t mind spending a few weekends there with his royal pals, too.

Ocean Villa (Placencia, Belize), courtesy Vacasa


The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. Or, in this case, in somebody else’s funky lagoon-front villa. Obviously the Little Mermaid wouldn’t be able to visit this place until after (SPOILER ALERT) she’s been transformed into a human, but when she did, she’d probably feel pretty at home. The whole place has a seashell/ocean/coral vibe that seems appropriate for a former mermaid and her prince.

This place is in Belize in real life which is a ways from the seas around Denmark where Ariel grew up, but seeing as she’s now a princess and able to travel without a tank for her tail, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. There’s a pool and beach access from the villa, so if she needed to, she’d have no trouble taking a dip for old time’s sake.

The Bungalow at Pineapple Hill (Belmopan, Belize), courtesy Vacasa


Who knew Ariel and Mowgli would have the same taste in vacation locales? This awesome treehouse is also located in Belize, smack dab in the middle of the jungle, where Mowgli would feel right at home. The Jungle Book live action reboot already came out and the boy raised by wolves mostly seemed to live on the forest floor or maybe in a tree, nothing as fancy as this.

Maybe now that Mowgli’s older he can graduate to something between human comforts and the wilderness he’s accustomed to. Baloo and Bagheera probably wouldn’t have any trouble climbing up to hang with their favorite man-cub.

The Luxury Tower (Senigallia, Italy), courtesy Vacasa


Don’t even act like you wouldn’t love to spend a night in a royal tower. In Tangled, Rapunzel had turned her tower into a a colorful haven of creativity and color (of course, that was because she was locked in there and didn’t have anything better to do). Murals aren’t included in this actual tower, located in the countryside outside Senigallia, Italy, but plenty of other amenities make up for it. This former water reservoir now features a pool, tennis courts, a garden, and a pergola, in addition to its fabulous 360 views.

If Rapunzel were to stay here, she wouldn’t have to abide by the whole not allowed to leave rule, she could come and go the 11 miles down to Senigallia’s famous beach and pier any time she please. Plus, her hair wouldn’t be her only mode of transportation: the tower comes fully equipped with spiral staircases to travel between all four floors and an elevator.

Diamond Hitch 37 (Big Sky, Montana), courtesy Vacasa

Elsa and Anna

Elsa’s ice castle was pretty sweet. But it also was a dramatic physical expression of her frustration and feelings of inadequacy, so probably not the healthiest place to set up a happy home. This wintry wonderland in Big Sky, Montana on the other hand, might be a perfect place for Elsa and her sister to get away.

They never say so in the movie (also it’s clearly set in a much earlier time period), but we would be shocked if in real life Anna and Elsa weren’t accomplished skiers. This sprawling chalet would allow them to ski in and ski out, then warm up in the hot tub (just as long as Olaf’s love of sunshine and warmth doesn’t extend to hot tubs, cause that could get ugly). It’s the kind of old fashioned cabin even grumpy Kristoff would love.

Bag End (Mendocino, California), courtesy Vacasa

Snow White

Everybody’s all about the tiny houses these days, but Snow White was rocking that cozy cottage life decades ago. Now this cottage, located just three miles from downtown Mendocino, California, can only host four guests so Snow might have to get a little picky with which dwarves she invites to hang.

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Also included in this cottage: 20 acres of forest (just be on the lookout for vengeful huntsmen), a treehouse, and a deck complete with a grill. No wishing well, but Snow White’s scrappy. She can manage.