Harry Potter Homeware: Immature or nah?


Harry Potter swag is all grown up in a new Potter-centric homeware collection from Primark. But adults can decorate with it, too, right? (Spoiler alert: of course they can.)

Many of us waited for a letter from Hogwarts on our 11th birthdays. Yeah, it was silly, but a kid can hope, right? If you grew up with the Harry Potter series, that 11th birthday was probably a long time ago. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy magic as an adult! You can drink butterbeer at Harry Potter World. You can rock a Deathly Hollows tee. And, now, you can decorate your apartment with Harry Potter homeware!

As reported on our sister site Wizards and Whatnot, Primark has unveiled a bevy of magical products to celebrate the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. You can drape your bed in Hufflepuff blankets. Why not cover your walls with Diagon Alley signage? Sip your morning coffee out of an adorable mug shaped like Harry’s face.

Fans are squirming in excitement, but the Muggles out there might be raising their eyebrows. It’s one thing to have a movie marathon once in a while, but is it immature for your living room to be themed like a children’s book?

To answer that question, let’s ask three more questions. First, is Harry Potter really for children? Maybe children enjoy the books, but the themes of good vs. evil are just as powerful (if not more so) to adults. Next, is there something more “important” we as adults should be focusing on? This one is tricky. Should we be buying polyjuice potion cups when we have bills to pay or charities to consider? Well, question three: does this “immature” stuff make us happy? If yes, then a Ravenclaw makeup bag can only make us more fit to conquer all the “serious” stuff in our world.

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Like all things in life, Harry Potter fandom is about balance. And, hey, who wouldn’t have fewer nightmares on a Hedwig pillow?