Disney’s first same sex interracial couple on ‘Doc McStuffins’


Portia DeRossi and Wanda Sykes will appear in the channel’s megahit Doc McStuffins to debut Disney’s first same sex interracial couple.

Actors Portia DeRossi and Wanda Sykes appear on the network’s hit show Doc McStuffins making this Disney’s first same sex interracial couple on their Disney Junior network.

As the Daily Dot reported, a GLAAD spokesperson spoke at a panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour last week. GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis told attendees:

"“Children like mine deserve the chance to see their families reflected on TV. This episode does just that in a beautiful and positive way. Shows like this reflect our real world. Today that includes the many children being raised by gay and lesbian parents who are all going to celebrate this story.”"

In the episode, “The Emergency Plan” Sykes and DeRossi play two moms who get advice from Dottie “Doc” McStuffins about earthquake preparedness. This installment is part of a a partnership with the Red Cross for their Emergency Preparedness campaign. Their relationship is not the focus of the episode, but rather, the need for a plan in times of crises. The same-sex relationship is treated matter of factly.

Watch Sykes, behind the scenes discuss her opinions about the value of the episode. Not only does it offer critical info about what to do in an emergency, but it also presents some rare diversity.

Doc McStuffins is no stranger to breaking ground. In fact, it is the only program for children that features an African American girl as lead. It offers positive and uplifting representation for children of color. Disney is working toward more complete representation all around. It featured the first gay kiss on Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and the first lesbian couple on Good Luck Charlie. 

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Although the  majority of reaction has been positive, there has been some pushback to “The Emergency Plan.” The ultra-conservative group, One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the episode and the channel, outright.  However, the protest doesn’t seem to have enough teeth to make a difference in its overall reception.

The episode aired on Disney Junior the morning of August 5th, but check your local listings for a repeat.