Caturday: Simon is all of us in the latest Simon’s Cat


The latest Simon’s Cat is an all-too-familiar scenario for any cat owner: The cat that won’t leave you alone while you’re sleeping, morning or night!

Simon’s Cat dropped a new video yesterday, and there’s a reason it’s currently one of the top videos on YouTube. Simon’s Cat videos are historically a mixture of adorable, hilarious, and entirely relatable. This week’s is no exception, and features a familiar scenario to anyone who owns a cat and has tried to sleep with said cat having access to their room:

Poor Simon. Cats are notorious for being most active at both dawn and dusk, meaning they can be frustrating companions at the times humans most want to curl up and not have a 12lb fluffball try to sit atop their head.

But don’t give in if this is something your cat does regularly. If the cat is annoying you for a particular thing, such as food, giving it what it wants immediately will reinforce this obnoxious behavior at bedtime. Stick it out and ignore it, and the cat will eventually learn it can’t bother you at night for treats.

You can also deter obnoxious nighttime visitors by playing with the cat right before bed, as this will tire it out and keep it from growing too bored at times when you’d rather be snoozing. The other side of that is that this can become a habit, meaning if you don’t play with your cat right before bed, it will grow bored and bother you even more intently.

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Mine, unfortunately, have learned that they can come bother me at bedtime and early morning for pets and snuggles, because I keep melting at the sight of adorable snuggly cats and petting them. This morning, I woke up with a tabby cat on my chest, and last night I went to sleep with another one in the crook of my arm…okay, that part wasn’t too bad. Hooray for rewarding poor behavior!