Merlin’s Beard! The new Wizarding World ride may be the Floo Network!


Ever want to travel using Floo powder? Well you might be getting your chance! That might be the new ride in the Wizarding World!

A new ride featuring the Floo network may be our new experience replacing Dragon Challenge! Universal City filed a patent that shows several sketches which strongly suggest we will be hurled through chimneys via green fire. Go to bizjournals to see!

The sketches show guests in an open car (not the single strap-in kind) with what looks like a ghost hovering in front of them. The next sketches show the suspended cars moving up and down ramps, spinning around a wide circular area, which already feels nauseating, moving into a small room behind a fireplace, then veering off into an enclosed area surrounded by six separate rooms. Perhaps we will be spinning around catching glimpses of the rooms – maybe Borgin and Burkes, Umbridge’s office, Grimmauld Place, the Burrow. The ride will be in Hogsmeade, but since Universal is expanding their Wizarding World, the rooms could lead to anywhere. Can one travel from Britain to MACUSA via Floo Powder?

The 6 rooms then start moving weirdly over each other, around the central area. This inevitably odd experience is followed by what looks like the car slowing down and moving in a zigzag pattern just before the end to give us the full first-time overwhelming Floo Network experience as it dumps us unceremoniously in what is hopefully our fireplace destination.

Let’s face it – as soon as we read of Harry flying from the Burrow to Borgin and Burkes, we felt he had been fully inducted into the wizarding world, and wished we could too. If these patent sketches are glimpses of Universal’s finalized plans, it looks like we’ll get our wish!

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Thanks so much to Potter fan Diane Lewis for sending us the link to the sketches! You’re awesome!