Gal Gadot continues to prove that she really is Wonder Woman

When it comes to stars taking to their roles, Gal Gadot continues to show us that she really is Wonder Woman. Especially with helping young fans.

Gal Gadot is continuing to prove that she is an actual Wonder Woman! The star of the blockbuster hit took San Diego Comic Con by storm this last weekend and she made sure to make our hearts ache as well.

During the event, there was a signing for the new DC Extended Universe movie Justice League. When a young girl who loved Wonder Woman came up to meet Gal, she started to cry. The star, instead of just ushering her down the line, stopped to make sure that this young girl knew that now they were together and that was something special.

It follows a string of moments where Gal Gadot has taken the time to show young girls how important they are. She seems to always take her time when young fans are around her, and that is something really special to see in your heroes.

Even as an adult, it is a crazy experience to be standing in front of Wonder Woman herself. We, as adults, are at least aware of the fact that this is an actress playing Diana Prince. But still, it’s breathtaking to be standing in front of Diana Prince and speaking to her.

Now apply that to being a young fan who maybe doesn’t grasp that this isn’t really Diana Prince. It’d mean the world to them and that is clear in this video!

The importance of Diana

Here’s the thing about these movies, they’re so important, especially to young children. For young girls, we never had a superhero that we could look up to like the boys did. We had Spider-Man and Batman but never a woman up there fighting alongside them as an equal.

Now that Wonder Woman has come out, young girls and adult women alike can feel like we can do anything. It’s a powerful message and having someone like Gal Gadot front it, who’s willing to spend this time with young fans, is truly something special.

Wonder Woman is still in theaters some places, but you can catch Gal Gadot in Justice League coming out this fall!