Caturday blogging: “Cat Man Chris” Poole is here to break the “crazy cat lady” stereotype


Cat Man Chris Poole is crazy about cats, and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it through adorable videos, education, and cat adoption promotion.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the “crazy cat lady,” and while it’s an easy one to joke about whether you have one cat or 10, it nonetheless rings faintly (or loudly, depending on your feelings about it) of some unfortunate sexism against unmarried, childless women. The internet’s incessant love for cats has done some good work to alleviate the negative context of that stereotype, and another good pal named Chris Poole is helping out, too. Using the handle “Cat Man Chris,” Poole and his two adorable pals Marmalade and Cole are working to educate the general public about cats, share love for felines, and encourage adoption:

Some of his videos are just silly fun, like his one of his two cats playing with an iPad app that seems made especially for cats:

While others are more informative, like this one about a cat cafe in San Diego where all the cats are up for adoption (mind you, this is very near San Diego Comic Con, if you’re in the area…):

Poole also posts occasional videos about cat care, such as this one explaining how one ought to brush a cat’s teeth…something I have never in my entire life been brave enough to attempt:

In particular, Poole’s Facebook page is a hub for encouraging kitty adoption and raising money for other worthy, cat-related causes such as helping pay vet expenses for injured or sick kitties taken from rough environments, or helping preserve the habitats and lives of big, wild cats. Through Poole’s efforts, dozens of sick or injured cats have been taken care of and placed in loving homes. And helping out via the Internet brings the added benefit of seeing cute photos and videos of these sweethearts all healthy and off to forever homes.

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Cat Man Chris, our cat-hats are off to you and your good work. We can’t wait to see more videos of Marmalade and Cole in action. We’re also ready to try your genius solution for creating a cat cave out of a box and a T-shirt.