20 animal-human matchups we’d like to see besides Michael Phelps vs. a shark

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 19: Hafthor Julius Bjornsson of Iceland competes in the Arnold Classic Professional Strongman competition during the 2016 Arnold Classic on March 19, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

18. “The Mountain” Hafthor Julius Bjornsson vs. an elephant

In addition to being a pop culture phenomenon on the HBO hit series Game of Thrones, The Mountain, whose real name is Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, is an incredible athlete in real life.

Bjornsson has competed in plenty of Strongman competitions over the years, including being a regular threat in the World’s Strongest Man events over the last seven years. He’s placed second in three years, and third in three years, and is a three-time Europe’s Strongest Man winner.

At this point, The Mountain has become a popular character in both the television world and real life, and he’s a massive draw in anything he does. So, it’s time to take advantage of his stardom and international appeal and get him competing against a gigantic animal that matches his massive frame like an elephant.

According to OneKindPlanet, African elephants can carry the equivalent of their body weight and a half, and could carry 130 adult humans with their crazy strength.The Mountain obviously has an insane amount of strength, so pitting him against the world’s strongest animal would be an awesome event to watch.

Much like another competition later on in this list, obviously you couldn’t have the two attempting to match each weight, as the elephant would crush Bjornsson in that case. However, if you do ratios, it’d work out pretty well and would make things a little more even for both sides.

The Mountain deserves the best out there with how strong and popular he is, so it’s time to bust out the big guns to make this competition worth it.