Hasbro will release a Star Wars Monopoly set with Rey in the US after all


Not that long ago in a galaxy not that far away, Hasbro decided not to sell Star Wars Monopoly Rey pieces stateside, but that proved to be a huge mistake.

Clearly, the best way to spark interest in something is to call the group out for “insufficient interest.” Recently, Hasbro reneged on their promise to sell Rey pieces in Star Wars edition Monopoly sets in the United States. And following an unsurprising amount of outrage, Hasbro decided to change their mind again.

It’s kind of difficult to tell where the miscommunication stemmed from. Like, what part of the #WheresRey trend was left open to interpretation? More importantly, Star Wars is an American franchise. Why wouldn’t you make the female lead of an American franchise available to the Americans? Or rather, easily available.

First, Hasbro explained that they’d give anyone a Rey piece if they called. Then, according to reports, they decided to sell the Star Wars Monopoly game with Rey in limited quantities starting on July 25. Since the announcement, the “one per household” rule seems to be gone. But it’s clear that Hasbro’s gotten the message. Furthermore, the company intends to sell more Rey-inclusive stuff at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

How many calls do you think the customer service line received before Hasbro cut their telephone service and changed their number? Honestly, I feel like the proper ratification would be to unveil a The Last Jedi-style Rey in the game. It’s been two years, I don’t need The Force Awakens/Jakku edition Rey. I want the last Jedi version.

(Yes, my stance of the day is that Rey is the last Jedi—of the old ways—before Luke switches them over to the new “develop as many attachments as you please” system. Why else would they make her wait for her family and suddenly give her a ton of new people to care for? Let’s discuss in the comments.)

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While Star Wars The Last Jedi doesn’t open in theaters until Dec. 15, you can get a Rey-inclusive Monopoly starting next week.