Twitter loves Marina, the best character in Splatoon 2 (and so do we!)


Splatoon 2 comes out this week, and we’re all gushing about one of the game’s new characters. Yes, one. Not both of them. Marina, of course!

Splatoon 2 is almost here, and while we know Inklings far and wide are eager to paint their way back into the arena on the Nintendo Switch, there’s another reason we’re all climbing the walls to start playing the game. It’s a certain character that’s been revealed to us and shown in detail during the recent Splatfest, and we can’t get enough of her. I’m talking, of course, about Marina, the gorgeous, adorable, and sly DJ that’s taken over from the Squid Sisters with her buddy, Pearl. Together, they’re Off the Hook. And Marina is better than Pearl. By a lot. The Internet agrees with me, and the Internet doesn’t lie:

(The one above: She’s an Octarian. Not a Squid. And it’s awesome. I wonder where she learned those mad DJ skills from…?)

See the love for Marina

Search on Twitter for “Marina” and “Splatoon 2” (to filter out all the people who just happen to be named Marina) and you’ll see a wide array of gorgeous fanart of her, often sans her buddy Pearl. That’s because Pearl’s kind of a jerk. She’s mean in a way that Marie wasn’t ever really mean to Callie, and she’s also pretty generic pop star. Marina, meanwhile, is beautiful, confident, dressed to kill, and can record scratch like none other. Just listen to their song:

Everyone loves Marina so much, that Ice Cream (Marina’s preference) won the Splatfest last weekend by a ridiculous landslide. We predict that Marina’s side will win plenty of future Splatfests until Nintendo puts something just utterly stupid on her side, just to get people to like Pearl a little more.

I’ve been playing the game for review for another site, and I’ve even grabbed some fabulous screenshots of Marina’s quietly sassy, snarky personality that nonetheless manages to be sweet as pie:

Credit: Nintendo of America, in-game screenshot Credit: Nintendo of America, in-game screenshot

The tragedy of Splatoon 2 is that Pearl and Marina don’t play much of a role in the plot the way Callie and Marie did during their run as hosts of Inkopolis Plaza, but hopefully we might see that change with future updates. You still get their fabulous banter every time you start the game, usually with Marina dominating the conversation by turning Pearl’s words back on her.

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Splatoon 2 launches on July 21st for Nintendo Switch, and if you play the game Marina will drop her sick beats every time you load it up.