Book a trip to Walt Disney World, D23 Expo announcements make for magical memories

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Magic Kingdom

While Cinderella’s Castle will always be part of the Magic Kingdom landscape, Disney looks to make the iconic theme park more modern. At D23 Expo, the addition of Tron theme ride was confirmed. To be located near Space Mountain, the Tron ride should be similar to the Shanghai Disney attraction.

The Tron Lightcycle attraction at Shanghai Disney is hugely popular. The attraction’s breathtaking lighting adds to the futuristic appearance. The overall look like it could be part of the cult movie. Adding such an attraction to Tomorrowland would be welcome.

While some of the Magic Kingdom attractions were futuristic when they opened, the rides in Tomorrowland can be a little dated. No one would ever want Space Mountain to go away, but it isn’t as thrilling as other theme park rides. True, Disney is more about generational memories. Still, guests want more thrills these days.

The D23 Expo announcement didn’t confirm that the iconic Mickey Speedway was going away. Some diehard fans would miss this ride. True, the ride isn’t thrilling, but it was a childhood rite of passage. Yes, I still have my Mickey driver’s license.

Other changes coming to Magic Kingdom include live entertainment theater on Main Street. The new theater will be based on the “iconic Willis Theater in 1920s Kansas City.” The theater addition will allow the theme park to showcase more entertainment at the most magical place on Earth.

Exact opening dates for these attractions were not announced at D23 Expo.