D23 2017: A Disney model for the Star Wars world makes its debut


Disney’s plans to create a Star Wars area for its two major U.S. parks has been known, but the D23 model reveals that the plans are also bonkers.

According to the New York Times, Walt Disney World and Disneyland both actually saw fewer visitors in 2016 than they did in 2015. The Times cites prices (and Disneyland, in fact, starts at $97 per adult assuming you don’t buy a “peak” ticket, which then jumps to $124 a person). But that doesn’t mean Disney doesn’t have plans to woo people back, prices being high or not. One cornerstone of that plan is the full-out Star Wars portion of both parks here in the States.

Even back then, we knew that the plans included both a First Order vs. Resistance ride, and also something involving the Millennium Falcon, so there’s something there for younger fans more familiar with the newest films and fans of the original trilogy alike. (Fans of the prequels are just out of luck, one supposes.)

At this weekend’s D23 Expo, Disney has also deigned to give fans a look at the model for the expansion. The accompanying blog post confirms those two rides will be part of the world, and also includes that the Falcon ride “lets guests take the controls … on a customized secret mission.” Question: are they going to get Harrison Ford to voice some things in character as Han Solo or just use clips from the films? Yes, we know that Rey pilots the Falcon now, but who’s to say she can’t also make an appearance?

The post also includes a video. Said video proves two things: first, that the Star Wars theme in all its glory can make basically anything seem grand, even a 27-second video; and second, that Disney’s aiming for detail here.

The post notes that this is all supposed to be set at a “remote trading port” on a “never-before-seen planet.” That doesn’t preclude this world meriting a mention in any of the Star Wars media between now and 2019, though, when the parks will actually unveil the areas.

One question, however, remains: is Disney going to rely on just those two rides and then hope that additional Star Wars love will keep the interest going? The Disney Parks blog post says that they’re the “signature attractions,” but, say, Tomorrowland at Disneyland has more than two rides. Perhaps Disney’s holding back on announcing the smaller rides for now.

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What do you think? Will you drop some credits to go to one of the Star Wars parks?