Spider-Man: Homecoming had an interesting take on the Vulture


Villains can either be caricatures of a bad guy or almost too complex for the story but the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming is a nice middle ground.

The Vulture was an interesting villain for Spider-Man: Homecoming to choose. Not only is he a little lesser known but also he is kind of weird. Most Spider-Man movies go with the tried and true. Eventually the Green Goblin shows up and there is definitely a scene where Uncle Ben dies and tells Peter “With great power comes great responsibility”.

But Spider-Man: Homecoming decided to flip the script a bit. First of all, no Uncle Ben. Strange but also thank you for not making us watch the same scene for the third time. Where Spider-Man: Homecoming really hits home though is with their treatment of the Vulture. Now it’s not that I’m excusing his behavior. He’s still a criminal who threatens to kill a fifteen year old boy.

But the Vulture does have one of the more interesting villain arcs. Basically he’s doing everything he’s doing for his family. Which is usually what motivates people to do terrible things but with Vulture, he uses it as his primary motivation.

It’s not even about making money for himself or anything else. He just wants to continue to provide for his wife and kids. He even gives Spider-Man an out when he realizes how young he is, something that truly makes him different.

Vulture doesn’t instantly kill him or tear him apart when he discovers who he is. Yes, he threatens him but also offers him the chance to leave and never look at the Vulture again.

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If you haven’t see Spider-Man: Homecoming, definitely make it a priority. It is a great addition to the Spider-Man canon and that is a huge part because of Michael Keaton’s performance as the Vulture.