Groundhog Day is the musical we all dreamt it would be again and again


Movie to musical adaptations are sometimes rough, but Groundhog Day the musical is everything we could have hoped for and even more.

Movies that they make into Broadway musicals can be a tough transition but Groundhog Day is absolutely endearing! For those who don’t know the plot, it’s simple! A man gets stuck reliving the same day over and over again.

It starts with Phil Connors not wanting to go to “Small town USA” to report on the groundhog Phil seeing his shadow. He’s not very nice to anyone who crosses his path and when he gets trapped there for an extra night, it’s as if Phil’s worst nightmares have come true. Too bad he couldn’t see this day repeating itself for probably 200 or so years.

The musical follows the plot of the movie with a fresh take and it is just adorable. To be quite honest, I figured I wouldn’t like this musical. Going into it, I had my doubts and even more so when I remembered all the movie turned musicals that I loved that had failed before it. (Looking at you, American Psycho. You were beautiful and no one saw it.)

Basically, the world has it out for the movie turned musical scene. Which I guess I understand but you’re missing out on quality shows! So my brain didn’t want to fall in love with Groundhog Day and suffer the same fate.

Lucky for me, this show has staying power. From its powerhouse cast to the very charming Andy Karl (Phil Connors), this is a musical that everyone can enjoy. And I mean everyone. There was a 12 year old boy beside me who absolutely loved it.

The drawback to Groundhog Day?

The only problem? You have to be in New York City to see it. There’s no touring cast as of yet. But it does make a trip worth it so if you have the means, definitely try and see Groundhog Day.

And for fun, here is the Tony performance to get you into the spirit.

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Groundhog Day is on Broadway and honestly, see it while you can. It’s that good.