How Fans React When There Are No Taymerica Photos

Instagram / Taylor Swift
Instagram / Taylor Swift /

After the excitement over the Fourth of July and wondering if Taylor Swift would break her silence and post photos, fans were seemingly crushed. Not only were there any photos to be seen, Swift wasn’t spotted either.

There are many reasons why this could be. Perhaps it’s because paparazzi were surrounding her house days before just to get a glimpse or maybe Swift did have a party, but she’s laying low. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but if cameras drove Swift to not have a party, that’s a line crossed. We don’t know the reasoning but we do know that we were really hoping to get some new photos.

Some of us even woke up this morning with excitement written all over our faces as we checked Instagram. But to our dismay, there was nothing new from Swift or her friends. While we wish that we had new photos, and had knowledge of how long Swift’s hair is now, we can think of it positively. Maybe the pop superstar planned to play TS6 for her guests yesterday? In that case, it would have to be a private party, right? One can only hope that’s the case.

But let’s be real with ourselves because none of us actually know why Swift’s party didn’t happen yesterday. All we know is that we are depressed about it. We aren’t the only ones though. Swifties made their feelings known on Twitter, and we picked out some of the best reactions. Read on below, and let us know how you feel about there being no sign of Taymerica this year.

Of course Swift has a right to her own privacy, and she doesn’t need to throw a party, but we miss her. We’ll be okay but we’re in a serious Taylor Swift drought, and for right now, we think it’s best if we go cry in an American flag and pray for TS6 to magically fall from the sky.