The ultimate ranking of wrestlers on Netflix’s GLOW

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Kia Stevens, Britney Young, Gayle Rnakin, Sunita Mani in Netflix’s “GLOW” Image via Erica Parise/Netflix

11. Reggie “Vicky the Viking” Walsh

Reggie “Vickie the Viking” Walsh enters the GLOW ring as one of the only participants with any real athletic background. She is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and initially develops the character of Liberty Belle for the ring. Debbie Eagan snags that character, much to Walsh’s horror. She protests that her medals should be around her neck, since she is the athlete, but Sam and Bash both ignore her.

Vickie the Viking exists, apparently, to be little more than an athlete. She is laconic and dry-humored, with very few expressions in her repertoire. Walsh is visibly unimpressed with her character, which is clearly presented to her because of her “Scandinavian” look, but she does what she can to make it interesting.

Because of Walsh’s background in sports, her jokes are mostly well-timed references to competing in the actual Olympics. Sam has very little time for her interjections, but I found them delightfully funny. She is an interesting contrast to the other characters in the cast and I wish she had more concentrated screen time to herself.

Marianna Palka plays Vickie the Viking with a restraint that is admirable. It works beautifully for the character, who seems to constantly be on the verge of walking out on GLOW for how little it appreciates actual athleticism. If I were her, I would feel the same way. Competing against hair stylists and rich girls must feel like a step down from her usual activity levels.