Fourth of July road trips, busy roads make for most dangerous travel holiday


With lower gas prices, Fourth of July road trips have increased. But, the busy roads makes July 4th the most dangerous travel holiday.

Summer is the time when many families travel. Specifically, over a summer holiday, more people hit the roads and travel. With lower gas prices, more and more people are taking to their cars for a holiday trip. Fourth of July road trips are hugely popular. Unfortunately, the congested roads have made July 4th the most dangerous travel holiday.

A long weekend road trip can be the perfect break during a hot summer. Airline travel comes with much aggravation. From long waits to impatient travelers, a quick road trip getaway is becoming more common.

According to the National Retail Federation annual survey, 32.9 million Americans say they plan to travel out of town this holiday. When asked, consumers responded that lower gas prices made them more willing to take a holiday road trip.

From a quick jaunt to the beach or a leisurely drive to the country, cars are no longer sitting in the garage. These road trips are less expensive and often more convenient than air travel.

With more people traveling, the roads tend to become more dangerous. According to Travelers Companies, Inc, of the three summer holidays, Fourth of July is the most dangerous for car accidents. Based on company accident data, more accident claims occur over the July 4th holiday than either Memorial Day or Labor Day.

The increased road danger for the July 4th holiday stems from several factors. Unfamiliar roads, distraction, and tiredness influence the potential for accidents. With more people on the roads, drivers need to be even more diligent when traveling.

Even the most experienced driver should be cautious on the roads. While everyone knows not to drink and drive, driving tired can be just as dangerous. Taking periodic breaks to avoid tired distractions can help keep drivers safer. Even a quick bathroom break for fresh air can help drivers regain focus.

Besides being tired, distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Texting and driving is never a good idea. Of course, many of us enjoy being connected to our phones at all times. But, that quick glance at a device could create a huge problem. If you’re too tempted by the phone, lock it in the glove box or put it under your seat. The phone is still on and close by if you need it.

Also, patience is important on the road. Too many news stories show the impact of impatient drivers. While not every scenario is ideal, a little tolerance towards fellow drivers can go a long way.

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Fourth of July road trips can be a great way to celebrate the occasion. Just don’t let your driving choices add to the statistics for the most dangerous travel holiday.