Get ready to enjoy the best day of the year: Jeff Goldblum Day!


July 4th is here and that means it is time to celebrate our favorite national treasure Jeff Goldblum! So get ready to enjoy movies all day long.

Jeff Goldblum is our national treasure. Simple as that. Now the fourth of July is usually spent outside with fireworks celebrating America. Okay cool, whatever. You know how I celebrate my fourth of July? By celebrating our national icon known as Jeff Goldblum

Now here’s the thing: It’s not a real national holiday but it should be. Jeff has amazing movies and is an all around great dude. So why not celebrate by sitting on your couch watching his movies? It all started last year when I came back from my fourth of July festivities and wanted to watch a movie. I was enjoying my day but was tired of everything to do with the holiday. So instead of watching the easy Independence Day, I went with another Goldblum classic.

From Jurassic Park to Jurassic Park 2, I found myself in a Goldblum hole I didn’t want to get out of. And so I decided that every fourth of July is important. But only because it is a day where we can lock ourselves in our apartments without feeling guilty.

So today, don’t feel bad if you don’t want to go out and party. If you’re not America’s biggest cheerleader, that’s okay. You can instead buckle in and watch The Big Chill and enjoy your time as our founding fathers intended. And really, they probably definitely would have loved Jeff Goldblum had they not died long before Jeff came around.

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So pick whatever Jeff Goldblum movie you want, but go out there and get your Dr. Ian Malcolm on. It is honestly the only way to spend the fourth of July and everyone should have a wonderful Jeff Goldblum day!