Baby Driver and Drive may only have a few things in common


When it comes to movies about boys driving cars and their music, look no further than Drive and Baby Driver. But that’s pretty much it…

Baby Driver is going to be compared to Drive. There’s no question about it. Basically they’re both two movies with cars, great soundtracks, and shoot outs. So of course they’re going to be compared to each other.

But when you actually see the movies, they don’t really have more than that in common. Baby Driver, the new Edgar Wright movie features Baby, a driver for Doc (Kevin Spacey) and his bank robbing crew. Baby got into an accident as a kid and has tinnitus and listens to music to help drown it out.

Drive, well we don’t really know the story of the Driver and that’s kind of the point. With Baby Driver, we learn the most about Baby. Every other character is given to us with very little of their backstory explained. Except for Baby. We know his whole deal.

Drive sets it up so we really don’t know anything about the Driver but a lot about everyone else. So again, comparing them is really weird since the only connections are cars, pretty boys, and music. After all, the Drive soundtrack is still one of the greatest around.

So before you think “why did we need another movie like Drive“, it’s not like that at all. Baby Driver is completely different and is honestly going to be one of the best movies of 2017. It’s a bold statement but one that I think is going to hold up.

The movie is just so interesting and like nothing else Edgar Wright has given us. Definitely one you don’t want to miss.

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Baby Driver is in theaters now and definitely do so. It’s an incredible movie and everyone should experience this in theaters.