11 underrated shows you probably aren’t watching but should be

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The Mick, FOX

The premise: Kaitlin Olson is the best at playing degenerates and slackers, and her Mickey is the best yet. Mickey attempts to visit her billionaire sister in Connecticut, but right about the time she arrives, her sister is being raided by the FBI and has to flee the country. Mickey is forced to stay behind to care for her sister’s three children. Of course they’re terrible, awful brats, who take advantage of Mickey, but her intentions aren’t so stellar either.

She is constantly on the grift and tries to capitalize on her new digs and lifestyle. Although she’s a hard-partying boozer, she is trying her best to do right by the kids, but she’s kind of hopeless about it.

Why you’ll love it: It somehow manages to be both completely irreverent and poignant. It has a real It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia tone to it, and it does not pull any punches when it comes to the jokes and gags. It goes so far, you kind of won’t believe what they’re attempting to get away with. It’s ballsy in the best ways, and Olson is a total genius. Even when she’s making jokes that would make even the most jaded of us cringe, she’s also really endearing and we totally root for her. The kids are awful to her and we never have to wonder if we’re rooting for the right protagonist. We’re not. She’s wonderful.

How to watch: You can watch full episodes on FOX.com or Hulu.