11 underrated shows you probably aren’t watching but should be

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Casual, Amazon

The premise: A recently divorced mother, Valerie (Michaela Watkins) moves with her teenage daughter into her brother’s swanky home. Alex, the brother (Tommy Dewey), is an emotionally crippled brat who has a hard time doing life on his own. The show follows Val as she tries to get back on her feet after her longtime marriage ended because of her ex-husband’s affair.

Alex is a the founder of Snooger, an online dating service similar to Match.com. He’s so tragic, however, he can’t even get a match on his own site, so he continues to make terrible romantic decisions and sabotages his own life.

Why you’ll love it: It’s awesome to watch a family far more dysfunctional than your own, and this group of folks is a complete mess. The show presents them as completely co-dependent. The best part about it is that it’s so totally relatable. Even as they dive deeper and deeper into their own neuroses, it’s apparent they love and need each other. Kinda like a real family. Any person who has ever gone through a divorce in midlife will appreciate the honesty with which it’s presented here. Same for the struggles between Valerie and her daughter. It rings true on so many levels.

How to watch: Casual is a Amazon Prime original series, and all three seasons are available now to watch. Season three episodes drop every Tuesday.