A Pretty Little Liars spinoff could really be happening (already)


The game may be over for the Pretty Little Liars we know, but that doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to Rosewood forever. I. Marlene King’s new series might tie in more than fans expect.

The series finale of Freeform’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars answered any questions fans had left, but still managed to end with a bit of a cliffhanger. With Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Alison all living happily ever after, the ending indicated that a new group of girls might be under the microscope.

The new HBIC, Addison Deringer, is meaner than Alison ever was but seems to have met the same fate. This time around, fans aren’t so keen to go looking for her.

Sorry Addison, you’ll have to survive Rosewood all on your own. Still, I. Marlene King’s new upcoming show The Perfectionists — based on a different series by PLL author Sara Shepard — could revisit the story a bit.

When asked about the potential tie-in by The Hollywood Reporter, King stayed true to form and played coy saying:

"You know there might be some truth to that, but my hands are tied and I’m not allowed to talk about it just yet. So hopefully we will get to share some news soon!"

At this point, it seems Sara Shepard might not even know if she’ll get to revisit the world she created.

I. Marlene King has proven herself a master storyteller, seamlessly weaving small details together, so it’s not a stretch to think she could do it again with The Perfectionists and Pretty Little Liars. Currently, King is focusing on Freeform’s Famous In Love, an adaptation of the books written by Rebecca Serle.

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Now, if you’re struggling to cope with losing the liars themselves, Sara Shepard has created new short stories to hold you over centering on fan favorite couple Emison. The shorts can be found on Amazon.