J.K. Rowling makes her return to Forbes’ highest paid list!


J.K. Rowling is back on the Forbes’ list of highest paid celebs! Super impressive with all of the charities she donates to! Read here for all the details!

In 2012, it was all over headlines that J.K. Rowling had been ‘kicked’ off the Forbes’ highest paid celebrities list. Which was technically correct, but only because of all the money she donated. Well, that and taxes of course.

I definitely wouldn’t consider being kicked off the list for that reason a bad thing. The amount of money donated to charities that year rounded out to about 160 million dollars! That’s quite a lot of giving. But we’ve always known how kind Rowling is!

J.K. Rowling’s charities

So what causes does our favorite author support? Lumos is an organization actually founded by J.K. Rowling. Named after, you guessed it, the spell from Harry Potter. It gives to children in orphanages all over the world. You can find out more and donate here.

Another major one, is the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic. This one is clearly close to Rowling’s heart as it is named after her mother who passed away in 1990. The Clinic works around the clock on assorted paths of research, attempting to discover new treatments of various diseases. You can find out more about the clinic and donate here.

Gingerbread and Comic Relief are the other two major charities J.K. Rowling gives to. You can read more about them by clicking their names above. You can also donate to them from their main sites as you learn what they are all about.

Forbes’ 2017 list

After a few years of being away from the list due to all the charity work, Rowling is back. This is due to her major success from both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Not to mention that Fantastic Beasts is turning into it’s own franchise. I don’t think she’ll be leaving the list again any time soon.

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But being on the list certainly isn’t something that J.K. Rowling strives for. She has always expressed that her obligations are to her fans and giving to those in need. That is just one of the very many reasons why we will always hold such a special place in all of our hearts.

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