Orange is the New Black: The 21 craziest moments thus far

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Judy King and Aleida Diaz tell Meredith Vieira everything

When I was cast on OITNB, I had lost track of the show, having left off somewhere in the middle of season 3. So imagine my surprise when I pick up my script to find out that Poussey had died — what? And I had to find out like this?! One of my most favorite characters was plain offed when I wasn’t looking?

When I told people I was cast on the show, the most common reaction was, “oh yeah, I can definitely see you as a prisoner.” To which I replied, “No… I’m a… second A.D.” To which they replied, “Oh… you said you were cast on it…. you’re crew?” No… no. I know. I was cast as a crew member, which surprisingly wasn’t that confusing for the crew (I was maybe dressed too well). The scene was a tell-all television interview with Meredith Vieira of NBC fame. Real network within fake network. Whoa! Worlds collide.

The whole day was very tell-all — one very friendly PA told me all about all of the bizarre scenarios in which they were putting Blair Brown all week — “and one day we covered her in ketchup and mustard and strung her up on a cross! Poor girl!” Thank goodness Blair Brown is a lovely, patient and professional person because it didn’t sound fun.

This was a fun scene to be part of — and to watch — because it’s the TV version of breaking the fourth wall. Also it’s super satisfying to let these two strong women throw MCC and Litchfield under the proverbial bus.

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There are so many more crazy moments that I didn’t include here, but don’t go thinking that they’re lost on me. There are so many bombshells in season 4 alone that I didn’t think I could get through to 5. Well, OITNB is renewed for another two seasons, so what could they possibly think of next?